There is a growing concern over forest fires in Indonesia, especially in Kalimantan. This is a result of local actors’ actions. The current study used network content analysis to evaluate actors’ involvement in forest fire cases. There is a high degree of linkage between key actors, which relates to corporations and landowners. Also, celebrities aided in destroying or burning land without legal repercussions. Permanent personnel was found to be the most involved in land clearing/burning. Commoners, farmers, and job seekers in severe need of money were repeatedly condemned in Supreme Court decisions. However, key players in Supreme Court decisions had a bad rapport with the subject actors, including job seekers and farmworkers. This was especially true for forest fires and their funding. To learn more about the actors involved in this issue, you can read our article entitled “The Kalimantan Forest Fires: An Actor Analysis Based on Supreme Court Documents in Indonesia” through our website: -publication/ or you can watch our previous event with the theme “Orangutans and Fire damage” via this link

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